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Life can be difficult…

looking out

It looks nice out there, but Mama says it’s too chilly
to leave the door open. The thing is I don’t like to be
out if I can’t get back in when I want so the door
must stay open. It sure looks nice out there
and here I am inside with no way out and if
I go out I will have no way in.
Life can be difficult.

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19 thoughts on “Life can be difficult…

    1. Thank you, Susannah. Teddy is a sweet boy except when it comes to being nice to Jack. You should get yourself a kitty. They really aren’t any trouble and they are great company.

      1. I’m in the throes of moving…so stressful, so maybe when I’m settled. There’s a little kitty in a window I see almost every day. She smiles at me, I’m pretty sure. A calico. My heart opens when I see her.

          1. I’ve lived here for a good part of my adult life, and it is falling apart…but it’s my home. The move is better for me, but we cling to what’s familiar. It’s 8 blocks away…still by the park. But change is tough…and you can be nosy, I don’t mind…and I know it’s Teddy who really wants to know anyway 🙂

            1. We do cling to what is familiar, but often find change is best for us. Your new place will seem like home in no time. And think of the new folks you will have write about.
              Teddy is inquisitive, but then he is a cat.

  1. So funny! The grass is always greener on the other side of the door. Have a great week, Pat!

    1. Well, in this case it’s cement we don’t have grass on our balcony. I don’t remember grass but Jack does and he says it is wonderful stuff.

  2. Our cat also likes the door to stay open so she can come in or our (to the screened porch) any time. Yesterday she went into the screened porch. It was in the upper 50s. Not too bad but not warm enough to keep the door open. We forgot about her. An hour later there was this ruckus. She was yelling to come back in. We got a good scolding when we opened the door.

    1. Good for her! . She had every reason to make a ruckus and hold you accountable for your oversight.We must get what we want in a timely manner

  3. Even though it doesn’t always make sense to you ~ Mama is good at making decisions to keep you safe, warm and happy! Trust her, she loves you very much (and that other guy too)!

    1. She usually makes the right decision but when she brought Jack home…let’s just say it wasn’t the best decision she ever made.

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