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I had a good idea…


I had a really good idea about what I wanted to chatter about,
but I have forgotten what it was..
Why do I remember really dumb stuff and forget the brilliant?
It’s like going to the grocery store without a list because
you are only going to get bread and milk.
Then you get home with two large grocery bags filled
only to find you have forgotten the bread and milk.
Does that happen to you?

So, now I am going to get something to eat and read my book.
I’ll try again next week to be brilliant with my chatter.

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23 thoughts on “I had a good idea…

  1. What’s even worse is making a list, be it on a post-it note or on my phone, and then still being absent-minded and missing one or two items on the list when I think I have them all!

  2. I just spent 20 minutes looking for my reading glasses that were on my head. That may have little bearing on you forgetting what you wanted to write about, but there is a link between the two.

  3. Going without a list didn’t work so I decided to have one handy. Trouble is, sometimes I’d lose the list. Finally bought myself a small spiral notebook for my purse. Never lose my list again, but about the list…sometimes I buy what’s NOT on the list too. 🙂 😀

    1. I should do as you do and have a notebook. Oh wait, I do have one, but I forget to write in it. What’s not on the list is always better than the boring list of needs…wants are much more fun.

      1. Went shopping yesterday. Didn’t need much. Had a list with four items. I spent $48.00 by the time I left. Ha ha. Yes, wants are more fun, and specials and isn’t-that-an-interesting-new-product?

    1. Just go to Tuesday Chatter and right click on the red cup and save the image to your computer. When you want to put it on your blog click on the media thing in the upper left of the new post page then click on new media and get the picture from your computer file, open it and then insert. You can make it smaller when it is on your blog. Hope this makes sense.

      1. Thank you so much..I just want to hug you. Why weren’t you the teacher in that computer class I took!! I erased a whole usb drive in that class, I asked the teacher, how did I do that? She said, “I don’t know, I wasn’t standing here”. That was a few dollars I won’t ever get

      2. Update! You are so amazing. You taught me how to put that red cup on my blog. I am over excited..sorry. But, this is a big step in a direction I have been looking for. Now, can you help me drop about 50 lbs…j/k..that would take a miracle….walking away with a BIG Smile…thank you!

        1. Glad you got the cup. I lost twenty pounds. Took me a year. The key is you eat less than you want and always be a little hungry. Hungry, even a little, is a bummer!

  4. Oh, my heavens. I could have written this. I keep journals to write down thoughts, and lists to remember what to do, buy, etc.
    It helps…when I remember to write it all down! *wink*

    1. Nice to know I am in good company here. Sometimes when I write stuff down it doesn’t make sense when I go back to read it…if I can read it.

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