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In the background…


Teddy is top cat in this place.
He is not happy to have another cat taking up space.
He is number one.
He has standards that will not be undone.
So in photos here around
Jack is in the background.

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21 thoughts on “In the background…

  1. Teddy does indeed look like he views that photo bomber in the background as a pain in the furry butt! It’s funny how possessive they can be of their mama’s and how they make faces when someone has the snuggle spot they want. My four do indeed vie for attention and like you, I make sure that each gets their share of TLC. Cats do maintain a hierarchy in the household, each learns it’s place and how to negotiate within those boundaries, at times testing the limits just as Jack does! 🙂

    1. Years ago when I had Dolly she was quite content with just the two of us. Then Henry joined the family and Dolly was very upset. She had dry heaves for days. She learned to tolerate him but she never really accepted him. Poor Henry loved Dolly and tried his best to make her happy. I think there will always be friction between Teddy and Jack, but Jack could care less. Teddy will just have to learn to chill.

  2. What a cute poem – I loved it! And it works perfectly with “background.” Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. This is true especially when something isn’t quite right and Teddy is thought of first, although it is usually Jack who is the trouble maker.

  3. I smiled at the end, because (and I trust this is how the ‘read’ went for everyone else) only then did I notice Jack…. hey! zoe! stop stealing my Comments*

    *and the worst variety of Comment theft! the kind where they steal it in advance! lol

  4. I quite enjoyed your rhymes today 🙂 This is a wonderful example of a “menacing” background for Teddy. Thank you, Patricia. It’s lovely to have you join.

    1. Don’t worry about Jack, he has his times in the spotlight for sure. He is a funny little cat and knows how to get attention. I think he thinks Teddy is a pain in the butt to be bothered and provoked whenever it suits him.

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