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Statements and pounds…

All four statements at Hilary’s Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun
are from Obi at Eloquent Rambles

  1. Being old is not for wimps.
  2. I want to be friendlier, but it is difficult as an introvert.
  3. If I could fly I would want to soar like an eagle.
  4. I cannot live without my reading glasses.


I Celebrate The Small Things this week

 I am celebrating that I am finally at my goal weight.
Took almost a year to lose 25 pounds but I did it!  \O/

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18 thoughts on “Statements and pounds…

  1. I can easily relate to all of these. This getting old stuff is definitely not much fun. I like the person I’ve become, just not the physical limitations that slow me down. Maybe God is trying to teach me that! I love making new friends, but I do catch myself holding back a bit, not letting folks get too close, fearing rejection.

    1. Old is okay. Most of the time I enjoy being “not young” but there are those times that old is just a pain in the butt. That fear of rejection thing is something I have dealt with all my life. It is easier to let that fear go now. As an introvert, I just like being by myself and have to push to get out and socialize.

    1. I have worn glasses or contacts since I was nine. Since cataract surgery, I can see distance but still need reading glasses for close.

  2. I love your answers. I can relate to your #2. What I do when I am in group of people and my introvert side seems to be there with me, is to look around and see if there is anyone else who maybe is looking a little uncomfortable or shy. Then I go attempt to strike up a conversation with them.

    1. You have a good idea there. I was at a Christmas party last night and was a bit uncomfortable but got over it quickly and had a nice time.

  3. Bette Davis is credited for saying, “Getting old is not for sissies.” I loved her. She was a very smart, strong woman.
    Congratulation on achieving your goal. I agree with #4. I would be lost without my trifocals.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I have heard the sissies quote but did not know it was Bette Davis who had said it. The weekend has been busy and productive, but still lots to do.

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