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Chatter about the tree…

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“The Christmas tree is the dot on the “i”.”
Frank Taylor
Christmas Tree

Every year my parents and my brother and I would go out in the cold to a Christmas tree lot to get our tree. Sometimes we went to more than one place.  The tree had to be perfect. Perfect to my mother was no bare spots, to my father a straight trunk, to my brother not too fat or too skinny and for me tall.

We would look and inspect and study and finally settle on  a tree.  Never a perfect one. Either it had a crooked trunk or a bare spot, it was too fat or too skinny and usually shorter than I wanted.

Then one year we got a tree with a straight trunk, no bare spot, and just the right dimensions.  Hooray!  We took it home and the next day brought into the house.  Daddy set it up and put the lights on and the angel on top. Mom put a few  special  ornaments where she wanted them then went to fix something to eat.  My brother and I finished with the ornaments and tinsel.  It was perfect!
christmas-685920_640With the tree all decorated and lit we went to the kitchen to eat and talk about our most wonderful tree.  While we were there in the kitchen we heard some tinkling sound and a sort of whoosh.  Then a crash of breaking glass and scattered balls and beads rolling across the floor.  Our beautiful perfect Christmas tree had fallen down and was laying across the living room rug.

Daddy went and got some twine and nails, set the tree back up and anchored it to the wall. Not so perfect anymore, but still straight and tall with no bare places and just the right proportions.  It was still our beautiful tree just a bit tattered and tired looking.

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14 thoughts on “Chatter about the tree…

  1. My Mom was a Christmas tree perfectionist too, and she would have been heartbroken if it crashed, back then almost all the ornments were made of glass. In later years I had cats that loved to roll ornaments down the hallway at night!

    1. No perfectionists in our house not with an alcoholic in residence so a fallen tree was not too big a thing. I learned to put unbreakable ornaments on the lower branches early on.

  2. Those are very nice memories. My Mom would always sing “Oh, Christmas Tree” while we decorated our tree. We had beautiful trees, usually from local tree farms. Since we grew up on a horse farm, my parents would always give us a gift from our pony or horse.

    1. How sweet that your pony or horse gave you a gift. My cats never think to give me anything. Well, they do entertain me and make me laugh so I guess they do give me gifts.

  3. Ah, I guess there is no “perfect” tree…or human being. We each have our own beauty and our own flaws. And sometimes we need a little help to bring out the beauty. I enjoyed this story. Hugs.

  4. I was thinking about our one perfect, tall tree – I chuckled as it did the same thing. After screws and twine (and a few broken ornaments) we got it to work. My tree is a little crooked – -probably a good thing.

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