6 thoughts on “Spaceship Earth

  1. It is amazingly beautiful, isn’t it? Your words paint the perfect picture. I should like to think that we can all prove to be worthy of the gift of our “spaceship” and our lives here on planet Earth!

    1. It is something we, in our own minds, could never imagine. We are blessed to have a home so beautiful. There is wonder wherever you look. Yes, it is amazing!

  2. Patricia, I love this. It is particularly apropos today, given the loss of the great artist David Bowie. This ties in well with Space Oddity and Major Tom. Bowie was a great, creative energy. I thank you for encouraging us to be, and for creating a supportive place to share it. Thank you. Hug.

    1. David Bowie was a one of a kind. He certainly lived his life to the max…as more of should.
      I hope you are well and back from Mayo with good news.

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