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“Dreaming, afterall, is a form of planning.”
Gloria Steinem
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She worked long and hard to make her dream come true.  She had been unwilling to make any change in the plans and schedules that she made carefully and in detail every step of the way.  Many times she would cancel plans she made with friends and usually didn’t make it home for the holidays, birthdays or reunions. So often she broke dates with the man she loved and hoped to marry that one day he said goodbye and never came back. Everyone thought she was living the dream she worked so hard and sacrificed so much for all those years. But she knew the truth, she was living a nightmare of loneliness.

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In Other Words
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17 thoughts on “Dreams-plans-change…

  1. You made a powerful point in the telling of this story. If we live with single-minded determination we may accomplish great things, but we have to take care that we aren’t so stuck on our determined path that we miss all the wonderful adventures on the side roads. To me, success is measured in relationships and in meaningful sharing and caring. I will never be wealthy or successful by standard measures, but I think I am very rich indeed!

    1. We do need to think about how we make our dreams come true. It would be sad to find life unhappy and lonely because the important things and people were left out.

    1. It is the American dream to have everything we want that leads to many disappointments and not a few nightmares. It’s important to have dreams as long as they don’t become obsessions.

  2. Excellent story, Patricia. I believe this may the case for many people today. Money doesn’t buy happiness, and success does not assure companionship. Loneliness is painful, no matter who you are.

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