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Cold walk and a book…

Not much to chatter about today.
It is still cold but it was beautiful when I went for a walk.
It felt good to be out in the sunshine and wind.
I was dressed for the weather with coat and hat.
You know if you insulate the attic the house stays warmer
and so it is when you wear a hat.
When I came home I had a big mug of hot chocolate and
curled up in my afghan with a book.
A really good book by David Baldacci.
Memory Man
I have yet to read a book by Baldacci that I didn’t like…a lot.
He writes the kind of book I find hard to put down.
As soon as I finish here I will get back to it.

In fact, I am now finished here.

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16 thoughts on “Cold walk and a book…

  1. What could be better than a up of hot chocolate and a book to read? I, too, find that a hat does wonders to keep heat in my body when out in the cold. A scarf around the neck is helpful, also. I will look into David Baldacci novels on your recommendation. I’ve never read one. Blessings to you, Patricia…

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