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It says love…

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Artistic? Probably not.


Ordinary? No way!

This rocking chair that now sits in my guest room
was given to my Gramma by Joe, my Grampa.
I don’t know why we called him Joe, it wasn’t his name.
Anyway, he gave it to Gramma 95 years ago
when she was pregnant with her first child, my mother.
In this chair, she rocked her two children
and seven grandchildren.
It is no ordinary chair.
To me, it says LOVE.




23 thoughts on “It says love…

    1. There is something special about a rocking chair. I have two, Gramma’s and one I bought several years ago that is my reading chair. My chair not only rocks it swivels!

  1. Reminds me of my grandfather, he also used to had a special chair. Now that he passed away two years ago that chair now sits in my room. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Already the story about this chair is very special and definitely not ordinary. It is a great atempt and I thank you for sharing it!

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