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It’s really 100…

Just an update correction on my previous post
about my Gramma’s rocking chair.
After thinking about it,
I realized my mother would be 99 this year.
That makes the chair 100 years old!

chairMy mother had it recovered sometime in the sixties.
I am thinking about recovering it now.
Maybe in a colorful print?
What do you think?

12 thoughts on “It’s really 100…

    1. I am tired of it and I like some color especially on small chairs. I am in the thinking stage now so I haven’t made a final decision.

  1. If it had never been recovered, I might say, “leave it as is” . . . but since your mom recovered it with a fabric that suited her, I’ll say, “go for it!”

    Pick a fabric that makes your heart sing. ❤

    1. If it was 100 year old fabric and looked good I would probably leave it but it isn’t and I am tired of it. I am thinking something brighter.

  2. Wow! I love family treasures like this. You are blessed! I like the chair just like it is. But, you need to follow your heart.
    See you tomoroow with a link up. Hug.

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