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  1. Bomb diving the bed sounds like great fun to me, and it most certainly is a great way to get your attention, I suspect that’s not accidental. I am proud of Jack for finding his courage to explore high places. I’m not so good at high places, especially mountain roads!

    1. He does think he is king when he is up there. The angel is raffia so won’t break but some cat has been doing some tasting of it so it’s a bit ragged.

      1. I won’t ask which cat’s been tasting. Funny what we let our fur babies get away with. Until Dickens, I never had cats who were climbers and I close my eyes. I have chewed chair corners thanks to Lady G. and Dickens, well, he knocks things over in his attempt to reach the highest peaks. 😀

        1. Teddy scratches the furniture and Jack never does and now they both jump to high places. I like to think I am boss around here but maybe I am not.

          1. I used to be the boss till I met my two. Dickens is an instigator… 😀 😀 😀
            He needs his teeth pulled because medication is but a bandage for his gum disease. I worry about his sore mouth and can’t make the appointment.

            1. All his teeth? I hope it is no more than a couple. Will the extraction cure the gum disease or just make it easier to treat? Poor baby.

            2. Supposed to cure the gum disease. What I Don’t get is they wanted me to drive a long way to have a ‘specialist’ do it–one of the reasons I’m holding off on the whole idea. I’ve been paralyzed over this and haven’t asked ALL the right questions. His front teeth look pretty good to ME, or what I can see when he does the cat-yawn. His breath has become bad again and i must call and ask the proper questions. I don’t want him in full blown tender gums when he gets extractions. I’m not a good mom and believe I’m selfish. ❤ ❤ ❤

            3. Maybe if you see the specialist he will have other options or at least calm your fears with clear information. I don’t think you are a bad or selfish mom just a normal one.

    1. Both Teddy and Jack get on the armoire now. It’s ok with me except if they get up on the one opposite the bed and dive bomb me when I am asleep.

  2. Well done, Jack – my little kitty cat has just learnt to do this too – lets not mention the amount of dust on top of the wardrobe though!! She has also found out how to get down too which is great as some of the other cats I’ve had would demand I fetch a chair and get them down! Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

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