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January sun…

Enjoying the sun in January.

This is what January is like where I live.
It can be cold but the sun shines beautifully
and the balcony is a great place to nap in a sunbeam.

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28 thoughts on “January sun…

    1. Mama says it’s a balcony because we are way up high in the sky and not down on the ground. A porch on the ground would be nice so we could see the squirrels better.

    1. It is fun to watch them wake up and move over a few inches to get back in the sun. Teddy likes to stay inside and Jack likes to be in the fresh air.

  1. Jack’s fur glows in the sunshine! Looks like the perfect napping spot to me! That kind of winter weather we can deal with. It’s that white stuff, and the icy stuff especially that I can do without!@

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