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Trees and chatter…

Tuesday Chatter
From Ordinary To Artistic…Tree


Sadly Ordinary



We are losing so many trees in my neighborhood
and throughout the city.
It makes me so sad to see them cut down like this.
Unfortunately, this tree will never see new life sprouting.

On a happier note, today was a glorious sunny day.
Great for my walk and doing some shopping.
There were lots of people out and about.
It was like Spring had sprung.
But we know there are more cold and dreary days
to come before Spring does come to stay awhile.

Another happy note, I bought a new printer.
I was worried about installing it as a wireless printer
because for me wireless is always difficult to install.
But it was done in twenty minutes and works great.
Maybe the best part was the printer was half price
and I had a gift card and free shipping.
Printer cost me $15.00!

On that note, I will be on my way.
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16 thoughts on “Trees and chatter…

  1. Big old tree stumps always sadden me, because I know that a glorious tree once stood there. I love your artistic version of new life springing forth, and I wish it always could. Ahh yes, installing new printers is always a bit fearful, we had good luck with our most recent one, and I’m glad you did too!

    1. Thanks. I had fun with this challenge. We have so many trees being cut down in the city and it is sad. They are replacing the ones on city property but it will be years before they are majestic.

  2. I, too, love trees and hate to see one cut down. Sometimes it has to happen, but it’s still sad anyway. The skies are blue here most days, and I like that. Spring, though, if it happens at all, passes here in the blink of an eye. Then summer stays very hot. Soon we will begin our travels and see if we can follow the good weather. I bet that’s not as easy as it sounds. Blessings to you, Patricia…

    1. Spring for us is too short and the summer like your’s is way hot. But it is useless to complain about what we can’t do anything about might as well be happy with what we get. I look forward to hearing about your travels.

  3. Congrats on the printer price. I had a bit of trouble keeping my printer connected with Wi-Fi, but the Geek Squad got me straightened out.

    1. So far so good with the printer. It is noisy and sometimes the paper jams if I try to print too many pages. It makes me remember patience is a virtue…one I am not filled with.

    1. If the tree is on city property or right of way they do replant. The tree stump I photographed is on private property and it is up to the owner to replace…or not. I doubt they will replant because it was right on the edge of their front yard and was sort of odd there.

  4. You are right, Patricia! We need to protect our nature and not devastate it. Your entry is not just artistic but also loud speaking and deep. Thank you very much! ☺

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