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While walking…

Today was gloriously beautiful!  The sun was showing off in blue skies with wispy white clouds and the air was warm but the wind had a bit of cool to it.  So, I did what any intelligent person would do I went for a long walk and let my mind wander here and there.walk
As my mind and I were meandering with no particular destination I got to thinking about the quote for the past week In Other Words challenge.  Good thing because this is the last day to post for this quote:

“Unhappiness is caused by believing that something 
is missing that we need to be happy.”
Gina Lake

Anyway, as I was walking and looking at the wonder of creation and thinking about unhappiness and happiness I realized I am truly happy.  Well, I have known for a long time that I am happy. I wasn’t always but I am now.  The reason I am happy now is unlike my thinking in the past I now know I have all I need to be happy. Nothing is missing.  Oh, there are things I don’t have that I would like to have. But these are things I want not need.  There is a difference that I didn’t always understand and now I do.  I am blessed beyond imagination and  know it.

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24 thoughts on “While walking…

  1. It was so nice to read your thoughts and share a little of your walk – your expression ‘the sun was showing off…’ is wonderful!

  2. Amen, amen! I feel exactly this same way. I have all I need and so much more. The rest is just fluff and if it never happens I will be ok with that. We are both truly blessed, and I think we appreciate it all the more because of the lives we led before we got to this point!

    1. Sorry to gatecrash via your comments section Patricia, I just wanted to let Josie Two Shoes know that I appreciated her post for In Other Words but wasn’t able to leave a comment. For some reason it won’t accept my wordpress url, even though it has at another blog using a similar/same platform. Sorry I couldn’t leave you a comment Josie 🙂

      1. Hi! I’m sorry my blog is being difficult. Google has done some very “creative” things lately with who it will allow to comment, and even taking me off some people’s Word press blog rolls! Grrrr. I’m happy to know you read my post, and attempted to comment. You can always reach me at my email link on my blog, if it prevents you from commenting. I hope they get that fixed though!

        1. Ok thankyou for the info about the email link at your blog, sorry I didn’t spot that, but the challenge page seemed an ok way to at least let you know I enjoyed your response 🙂 I’m finding a few times that not all the blog platforms work well together, for commenting and following. never mind, we all find our way somehow. Thanks for reply 🙂

    2. Josie, the past can be full of disguised gifts found in the present. Some things had to happen for me to be who I am today. If I had been a smarter young woman maybe some of those things wouldn’t have been needed but that’s over now and foolish to bother about. Today is what we have let’s just live it as best we can.

      1. That’s true for me as well, Patricia, but some of us just had to learn things the hard way! The point is that we did learn, and here we are now and pretty happy with our lives, so it all worked out ok 🙂

    1. Walking is a great time to think and ponder and pray. Sometimes I don’t want to go out for a walk then when I just go I always feel better and ready to face everyday life with a smile.

  3. I have been so busy with Bill home. He has a lot going on, changing over the road trucking companies is a process. He does have time in between to do some big house chores, too. I will be back. I am still here! Hugs!

    1. Me too! As someone said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” I know I wasted a lot of time being unhappy when I could have just as easily been happy. With age comes wisdom.

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