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Celebrating the dance…

morning sky

This is my view of the morning sky.
Is it not awesome!

As the morning clouds move in and the night clouds move out
in a primeval dance, it brings to mind ancient melodies.
Melodies I have never heard yet they sound in my heart
reminding me of things I do not know.


Today I celebrate those ancient melodies and dances
reminding me that somehow the past is present in this day.


The Daily Post Friday Photo Challenge         and                   Lexa Cain’s
Dance                                                                                     Celebrate the Small Things

21 thoughts on “Celebrating the dance…

    1. Thank you, Tonja. My photos really don’t do justice to the view. It is so much more when you see it in the moment rather than second hand.

  1. I have these same feelings and awarenesses at time, of being connected to places and things that are clearly not in my experience from this lifetime. Our souls are eternal and we know so much of than what we are aware of! Beautiful photo, I love the morning sky and the promise it brings of a brand new day!

    1. Every day is different. What an artist who creates the daily view is Amazing! I am humbled by what I see and how little I know.

  2. I love the pink in the far clouds. It like ribbons of pink taffy. Thanks for the great pic and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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