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Today and tomorrow…

Well, I am pooped!
For some reason, I felt inclined to clean.
Not that it is a rare thing for me to clean but
it rare for me to do the nooks and crannies
kind of cleaning two weeks in a row.


And I did several loads of laundry.
And…I put it all away the same day!

The actual plan for today was to paint some old pots
and clean up the balcony. I was really in the mood to get
everything ready for flower planting this weekend.
That didn’t happen because there was a bit
of wind so not a good day for spray painting.
Tomorrow is another day.

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17 thoughts on “Today and tomorrow…

  1. Yes, spring brings out my cleaning side also. It has been windy here too so the back porch is still pretty messy. However, we worked on the inside and it’s starting to feel real fresh and clean. Thank you for linking to Tuesday chatter.

    1. It is the time of year when I want to refresh things. That won’t last…I am not a great housekeeper just a mediocre one who believes it only has to be as my mother said…clean enough to be healthy and nobody eats off the floor anyway.

  2. I dropped something in my closet and discovered some dust bunnies there…Ugh! Got out the vacuum, pulled everything out, and cleaned like a crazy lady!

  3. As soon as I began reading, I thought spring must be in the air, but you say it’s a windy day. Still, if there is sunshine and you feel ready to shake off spring (cause you had planned painting pots).
    At least that’s how the weather affects me. I get busy-busy because of the weather.

    1. Spring is definitely in the air and the pollen is wicked. We really need a good cleansing rain to wash it away. The wind is still preventing any painting but I do have a couple of pots I can plant maybe this weekend. 🙂

  4. I believe that you had a productive day. Sometimes, God reminds us that we are limited; we cannot control the weather. But Spring is young and there is plenty of time for painting and planting.
    I am finally getting into a routine here. I look forward to your quotes, and plan to join in this coming week. This last week got away from me, with adopting Kenzie and all that goes with a new furkid.

    1. The day was productive but general house cleaning is not very interesting to me. I am eager to paint and plant and enjoy sitting out on the balcony with flowers and the boys.

  5. It sounds like you had a very productive day, even if you didn’t end up doing what you planned. Oh to have the energy of our youth when we could work for hours and not feel pooped by nightfall! There will soon be another warm Spring day for readying the balcony, and we’ll be eager for photos when you’ve finished!

    1. I think what is best about youthful energy is how quickly one recovers from energy-sapping days…and nights. There was a time when a couple hours of sleep and I was back in form now it takes more than a few hours of sleep to be up and at ’em.

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