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Happy me…

I am celebrating my birthday that was yesterday…today.

This was delivered to me at work today!
Too cute and delicious.
Pineapple, melons, grapes
and chocolate covered strawberries!
Of course, the strawberries were the first to go.

I also had other things on my desk;
a box  from a wonderful bakery filled with
brownies, honey nut cranberry shortbread and
carrot cake cupcakes, a monogrammed bag, a change purse,
and gift cards for a donut shop and a gourmet olive oil
shop that also has gourmet pasta and other goodies.
The day before my birthday I was surprised with a flower pot and
homemade oatmeal cranberry bread pudding.

I have the best friends and I celebrate every one of them!

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27 thoughts on “Happy me…

  1. It sounds like your co-workers love you a lot. Happy Belated Birthday, Patricia!

  2. Happy Birthday!! It sounds like your friends there have made sure there were plenty of good treats to help you celebrate! I love birthdays, they are our own special day, even if it means another candle on the cake! Aging is the natural way of life and we shall do it as gracefully as we can! I wish you many blessings and some delightful surprises in the year ahead! Xoxo, Josie

  3. Happy Birthday!! The list of your gifts was amazing and made my mouth water. You DO have the best friends – and that’s truly the best gift of all, isn’t it? Wishing you a fabulous weekend! 🙂

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