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Earth was showing off…

Tuesday Chatter

Today was a gorgeous day for my walk. It was in the upper 60’s and a slight breeze. Earth was showing off its Spring finery and wouldn’t you know it I didn’t  have  my phone with me! So no new pictures.  Bummer.

This picture I took last year but the tree is still there
and it is just as beautiful this year as last.
This photo I took a week or so ago.
The azaleas were almost at their peak
and added some color to the front of
the building where I live.
After I got home I dust mopped and when I went out on the balcony to shake the mop free of cat hair there was no breeze.  Yay! Perfect for spray painting my pots.Three are done and one more to do. I would have done the one more but with all the pollen I had inhaled this afternoon, I started with sneezing fits and decided  I had had enough  and came inside.

The month of April I join the A to Z Challenge
so the next  four Tuesday Chatter’s will be focusing on the letters
D4P j4p p4p  v4p
I hope whatever I happen upon or think about on my walks
start with those letters so I have something to write
using those letters on their respective Tuesday.

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17 thoughts on “Earth was showing off…

  1. I so enjoy going on these walks with you, you live in such a lovely place! Like you, I enjoy being outside in the fresh air, but before too long the allergies are sure to take over and chase me back inside. I don’t recall having any of those problems when I was younger! I can’t wait to see your finished pots in place! :-). Looking forward to sharing the. A-Z with you!
    Josie Two Shoes from Josie’s Journal

    1. This is the worse time of year for allergies here. It will be better in a couple of weeks. I didn’t have allergies as a kid but I lived in a different part of the country then. I got some flowers today…if the rain cooperates I will plant them tomorrow.

    1. Thanks. I am looking forward to whatever I come up with day by day. I always think I will get a head start but that has never happened in the past and hasn’t happened this year.

  2. I love this, and the way you blog. I am hoping that the A-Z challenge will help me get on track. I am writing again, but it is a journal of bits, pieces, drafts, and thoughts. Your meme is one that I really want to get disciplined with because I believe in it. Seriously. Pray that I can get my writing/blogging act together, now that Bill is working a more bearable job. I truly need to do this. Thanks, my friend.

    1. Sweet Annie, you are one of my encouragers. Have you done AtoZ before? I enjoy the challenge but glad when May shows up. I have found blogging does take discipline but shouldn’t be forced. When it gets to feeling like just work with no smiles I take a break. Prayers for you as He directs. ☺

  3. Sounds like a perfect day, Patricia. A nice walk and a little productivity. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  4. I so agree, earth does show off during spring. The pollen here is awful. It is not the pollen that makes you sneeze, it is that yellow dust that covers everything. Thank you for linking to Tuesday Chatter and I look forward to your A to Z challenge.

    1. No you wouldn’t. You are creative and there all kinds of prompts and suggestions to help keep the creative juices flowing.

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