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B = boredom…


Have you ever thought about

I have.
When I was a little girl I wasn’t B16ored often
but there were times that time just dragged on with nothing to do.
Of course, there was a lot to do…it was routine stuff and B16oring.
Then when I was a teen it seemed all of life was a  bigB16ore
because what I wanted to do was not allowed…and rightfully so.
Still it seemed so unfair to have to live a  life of B16oredom.
As a young woman, I felt B16ored because I wanted excitement and adventure.
I did have some adventures that led to excitement
however, it would have been wiser to be a bit B16ored!


Nowadays I don’t look for excitement.
I like my life of quiet days
that many probably think of as B16oring
It doesn’t bother me a bit what other people think.
It makes me happy to stop and smell the flowers,
to simply be who I am…a woman who knows she is blessed.

is not part of my life anymore.

That’s my post for the letter

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21 thoughts on “B = boredom…

  1. I’ve always thought that something must be wrong with me, because, I’ve never felt bored. Not as a child nor as an adult. I can always entertain myself. Weird huh?


  2. I haven’t been bored since high school sitting in boring classes. Once I could study what I wanted to, I haven’t been bored since.

  3. Lol when I was a kid we didn’t dare to say the word “bored” out loud because we would be given a chore to do! As an adult, I can’t remember the last time that I was bored; I do a lot of quiet thinking, jot down notes for stories, or watch people and animals going about their lives. Cats and children are my favorite creatures to observe!

  4. Perfect B post! I so agree with you. I often felt “bored” when I was young too, but looking back now I just think that my mind and spirit were restless. Just like you, I am never bored anymore, I love my very simple quiet life with Papa Bear and the furkids, and my Internet friends. I will be happy if someday I can forgo the hectic office environment altogether. 🙂

    1. I am happy that I work part-time now. I enjoy my time at work more now than ever before. Your day will come. I had to work 50 years to get to where I am.

      1. We are hoping we can manage that financially within another 3-5 years, Patricia, and I agree, working part-time is fine. It’s good to get out among people because I tend to become a hermit very easily.

  5. Ever since I started doing my 366-day photography project in August 2015, I’ve discovered that I’m not bored. I have to take a picture of something every day. I’m so busy looking around for something or someone to photograph that I forget to be bored!!!

    1. When we have a mission we are not bored. Doesn’t matter what the mission is just that we are involved in something outside ourselves.

  6. I like the quieter life that I get to lead these days, too. I’m not necessarily bored. There’s too much on my mind to be bored.

    I absolutely love to stop and smell the flowers, quite literally. I think that Heavenly Father is a wonderful gardener and artist. 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend!

  7. I embrace my boring, little life because I could have the opposite – a complicated, drama filled, stressful life – and that is something that I do not want. There’s much to be said about just “being,” don’t you think? Enjoy the still and quiet! Have a good one!

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