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C = circus…


Have you ever thought about joining the

I have not!
There is just something sinister about a c2016ircus.
I don’t know why I feel this way but it is a strong feeling.
I have only been to one c2016ircus and I had a nice enough time
but I wasn’t crazy about the clowns
and I thought the animals seemed sad.

I feel the same way about c2016arnivals.
I’ve been to lots of them and always had fun
but I was happy to go home.

I think the c2016 ircus or c2016arnival is a place to visit
not a place to consider as a home.
Not that either of these places is a home but you know what I mean.
Never having had a bad experience at either place
I can’t pin down why the thought of joining one of them is creepy.
Maybe I saw a scary movie when I was little and though
I have forgotten it the fright it gave me stuck in my subconscious.

I knew someone who joined a c2016arnival.
I think she met some carny guy and he talked her
into joining him and off she went.
She came home quickly.
I guess it wasn’t much fun.
I think the strangest thing about her following the
guy and joining the c2016arnival was her mother’s advice;
“Don’t sit on any toilets.”
Really, that’s all her mom said.
I don’t even want to think about what my mother would have said!

I am happy to stay here where I can sit on the toilet
and everybody knows my name.

Anyway, my thoughts about these venues
are purely personal and I mean no offense to
any c2016ircus or c2016arnival folks.
🙂   🙂   🙂

That’s my post for the letter

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25 thoughts on “C = circus…

  1. No, I never had the urge to run away and join the circus either. It seems like a difficult and sad life to me. I like your idea much better, Patricia ~ stay where it’s safe to sit on the toilet and everybody knows your name 🙂

    1. I liked some adventure when I was young but I was not much for being in a circus environment of any kind. Nowadays I like my adventures secondhand through movies and books.

  2. I learned early that little children find clowns fearsome. Really. Appreciating a clown’s costume and painted face requires some maturity. I do know what you mean about the circus and carnivals. Just a little eerie, a wee bit weird. Blessings to you, Patricia…

    1. Many years ago, the popular thing was to run away and join the circus. I would imagine adventure got to be too much for some young people, living in a little farm town in the middle of no where. I did run away but not to join the circus, just ran away to get away from a stepdad.

      Carol Ann Hoel, I have not run across that name often, our family name in Norway was Hoel. My great-grandfather was Ole Hoel from Kaafjord, Norway.

    2. I still don’t appreciate the circus type clowns—even Ronald MacDonald is weird. I think the circus is losing some of its appeal these days. People are more aware of the downsides now.

  3. This was such a fun post to end my day with! I tend to agree that circuses and carnivals are a bit creepy, I feel for the animals and the workers are a rough n’ tumble type, but I can see why they enjoy that lifestyle. It is hard work though. Clowns, I think I’ve seen too many scary movies and now they give me the creeps, though as a child I loved to go to the circus, and so did my Dad who remembered them from his own childhood. I loved the mother’s advice for running away with the circus. I can think of MUCH bigger things to worry about, but mothers will always be mothers! :-). Great C-post!

    1. Clowns to seem creepy. Except Emmet Kelly, he seemed sweet. Do you know who he was? I was little when he died so maybe he was way before your time. If I told my mother I was joining a circus I doubt she would have given me any advice she would just have killed me.

      1. Yes I do remember Emmet Kelly, I think clowns were more appealing back then, taking on sad faces, or hobo faces, or big silly grins. Now they seem to exaggerate the makeup to the point of scary… much like some young women I know! LOL I don’t think joining the circus would have been an option at my house either!!!

  4. Clowns have always terrified me. I remember being at the Christmas parade one year as a little girl and hiding in the shadows of the courthouse when the clowns came near. I am 50 years old now and they still scare me.

    When my children were little, a clown persisted in going after them even though it was told to go away. He would not go away. My husband thought he was going to have to commit murder that day. He threatened the clown and it finally got the message that our children wanted nothing to do with him.

    I’ve never really been one for going to the circus or carnivals or anything like that, though I did go to the circus a time or two as a child. The animals always seemed sad to me, too.

      1. I’m glad that they don’t scare you. I don’t know what happened to me as a child to make me so scared of them. As an adult, there’s just too much anonymity and potential badness hiding behind all that makeup.

  5. I can relate. I don’t like clowns and I don’t think the animals are treated properly. I would think it would be a hard life to be a carny. Great post.

  6. Many people are freaked out by clowns. And so much of the circus is dangerous. But I guess that’s part of the whole thing.

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