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G = giraffe…


Have you ever been told that you make people think of

I have!
Not that I look like a G2016iraffe but that I make them think of one.
There is a difference! Really!
I don’t have horns, spots, a tail, or hooves.
When I was young and a skinny-minny
my neck and legs looked really long…not so much now…
my knees were kinda knobby…and still are…
and my ears stick out just a tad…then and now.

Then there is the slender gracefulness that somehow
comes across as comical.
And the inquisitive expression that is funny.

Not long ago, I mentioned to a friend how in my youth
I reminded people of a G2016iraffe.
She thought a minute and said she could see why.
Seems she agrees.

It doesn’t bother me this strange resemblance
to a G2016iraffe that I apparently have.
It could be worse.
I knew someone who reminded me of Porky Pig.

Really, who couldn’t fall in love with that face?
That’s my post for the letter

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25 thoughts on “G = giraffe…

  1. This is delightful, and I think you are too! There are most certainly far worse things one could be compared to! One of my favorite memories is of hand feeding a giraffe from high atop a bridge at the Abilene Zoo! Their eyes are so beautiful!
    from Josie’s Journal

    1. They are beautiful creatures and a bit comical, I think. I have no problem with being compared to them. What fun to hand feed them. What was their tongue like? Soft or scratchy like a cat?

  2. Giraffes are amazing animals. Here, at the local zoo, they have a giraffe feeding area – something I’ve never seen before. They’re so gentle…and such huge tongues!

    1. They are interesting animals. There is a flap in their heart that stops the flow of blood when they put their head down while standing so they don’t faint. Amazing. And I think I read somewhere that they are the only mammals without gall bladders.

  3. I think that giraffe’s are beautiful creatures. 🙂

    I have never been tall enough to remind anyone of a giraffe. I’m more on the Porky Pig side these days, I guess. haha

    Have a great day!

      1. Yes, they are, and in more ways than one! I sometimes wish that I could be one of those taller people, but if I were, then I wouldn’t be so much like my grandma. I’ve learned to be mostly happy with the way that Heavenly Father made me. 🙂

  4. I used to work with a woman who made a hobby of comparing individuals to animals of all species. Strange! Maybe you ran into her somewhere?

  5. I can’t fathom out how anyone could look at a person and think “yeah, you remind me of a giraffe” but as you say, there are much worse things to remind someone of!

  6. Ha, ha, I had to laugh at this one, too. I like giraffes, though I can’t say anyone’s ever said I looked like one. Definitely better than looking like Porky Pig, however. 🙂

  7. I’m at a loss as to how someone could remind them of a giraffe, but whatever. Maybe because you are so graceful and beautiful?

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