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L = laughter…


Have you had a L2016.jpgaugh today?

I have had several L2016aughs today.
None of them was the big roaring out loud kind.
They were more like chortles or chuckles.

It doesn’t matter what kind of  L2016aughter it is
as long as it is not unkind or at someone’s expense.
Nothing is truly humorous if it hurts.

I am not saying that every day is fun or happy.
On some days, L2016aughing seems impossible or out of place.
But those days are when L2016aughs  are most important.

If there is no L2016aughter in your day love is hiding.
That is never a good thing.
L2016aughing keeps love alive and well.
It keeps the heart beating.


Go ahead have a L2016augh.
It’s good for the heart.

That’s my post for the letter

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21 thoughts on “L = laughter…

  1. A lovely post! Our furkids make us laugh, and the people we love make us laugh, sometimes we even laugh at our own silliness or mishaps. Laughter is what gets us through the really hard times, it is the pressure release valve. People who are stuffy and never laugh are scary!

    1. I think laughter is a beautiful sound and it is contagious. Good thing it is healthy. Thanks for visiting and the comment.

    1. I think one of the reasons people become violent is a lack of a sense of humor. I can’t remember a day I didn’t have at least a chuckle.

    1. When my brother was ill the thing I missed most was his laugh…he just stopped laughing. He has been gone for several years and I still miss his laugh.

  2. What cute kitty pictures, especially the last one. Too cute!

    Our days almost always have a bit of laughter. One can’t be married to my husband without having at least one laughing episode a day, no matter how bad the day might be overall. 🙂

    Have a great day!

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