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N = name…

Have you wondered what your given
N2016ame means and if it fits you?

I have.
For the first years of my life, I was called Pat.
I never really liked Pat but it beat the heck
out of Patty or Patsy.

When in my mid-years I got a job in sales
and had to have business cards.
I decided to use my given N2016ame, Patricia,
on the cards because it better described me.
I thought using Pat was not defining enough;
it could be a man or woman’s name.
That’s when I had the realization that
I like my N2016ame, Patricia.
From then on I have been Patricia.

Patricia means patrician or noble.
I am not sure that the definition fits me.
I would like to think it does at least a little.

I did have two family nickN2016ames.
Daddy called me PJ and Ma called me Queenie.
Those are really my favorite N2016ames
but I don’t hear them anymore.
They are of the past.

That is my post for the letter

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27 thoughts on “N = name…

  1. It is important to feel comfortable with our name. It identifies us and is a symbolic signature. This is a great post for the letter N. Very creative, Patricia!

  2. I have a very ordinary first name but my whole life I’ve had unusual last names. I can’t imagine anything different…but now I’m with a man whose last name is Smith and really wants me to take his name when we get married. He just can’t understand that having an unusual last name is a key part of my identity.

    1. Well, for you Smith would be unusual. Strange how women are expected to change their name but never the man. Maybe you could hyphenate your name?

  3. Hey, Queenie! I like that a lot. So regal.
    Maria Perpetua is my full two names. People in Canada calls me Maria because Perpetua is rather a long unpronounceable name. I’ve been called Mary, Marie, Mari. Heck. I allowed them at first. I am called Perpetua back in the Philippines and now I am using again. I was named after the Our Lady of Perpetual Help, aka as Mother Mary.

    1. Your name is quite beautiful. I don’t think Perpetua is all that cumbersome. Better they call you Maria than shorten Perpetua to Perp though.

  4. Patricia is a lovely name. My name, Carol, means song of joy according to my dictionary. My parents picked the name because I was expected to be born close to Christmas. As it happened, I was born closer to Thanksgiving. I’m grateful they didn’t name me Turkey!

  5. My name is Suzanne, which means “Lily” and is of French origin. I love flowers and nature photography, so I think it fits.

    My daddy wanted to name me after his paternal grandma (Annie, which means gracious, merciful) and her sister (Suzie, form of Susan and also means Lily). I would have been Suzie Annie had my mama not stepped in and named me Suzanne. I did not have a middle name. At this point in my life, though, I think I would be happy with Suzie Annie. 🙂 My blog, PS Annie! is named for this great-grandmother.

    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. I like the name, Suzanne. And now that I know what it means I like it even more. I didn’t know you have a blog! Put the url in your next comment so I can visit. You can also email me if you would rather.

  6. I agree, Patricia is a really nice name! It sounds professional but it sounds comfortable too, not stuffy! I had one boss that used to call me “WJ”, my given initials, and when he was in a bad mood he would bellow it across the hall. I got along with him fine though, and now I smile when I think of it.
    from Josie’s Journal

    1. I think if we don’t like our given name we should change it. I knew someone whose name was Bertha. When she was done with school and went to work she used her middle name, Marie. It was funny because if you asked a guy if he would like to meet Bertha they almost always said no. But Marie was a different story.

  7. PJ and Queenie are adorable nicknames! My dad called me “Goose.” Not so adorable. LOL! Have a great weekend. 🙂

    1. Goose is adorable! Queenie started out not so nice as in you are a brat, not the queen. It became an affectionate name over time.

      1. That’s what I thought plus Frances spelled Francis is a males name. I was also teased when Hurricane Frances came along.

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