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O = opportunity…


Have you ever had an O2016pportunity do to
or say something and knew you had to act on it?

I have.
Just recently during a conversation with a
friend something came up and I knew without a doubt, I could help.
First simply by listening,second by offering words of comfort,
then by doing something without thinking or planning.

The first  was easy,  the second took some thought,
and the third just happened without realizing what I was doing.
The doing was not hard, took little effort
but I did wonder how it would be received.
I knew in my heart this was an O2016pportunity to share a blessing.

The gesture, a gift I offered, was graciously accepted
and is helping my friend find strength and peace in this difficult time.
And she already has plans to share it with another who needs help.


Some O2016pportunities are gifts that we have to share.

That’s my post for the letter

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14 thoughts on “O = opportunity…

  1. Excellent! I love those instantaneous opportunities best of all, when something presents itself and we immediately are aware of how to respond. I’m thinking those are Divine moments in our lives, and it sounds like your friend was grateful for your caring and assistance!
    Josie Two Shoes
    from Josie’s Journal

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