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P = penny…


Have you been offered a P2016enny
for your thoughts lately?

I have.
What’s with that!
With the economy, inflation and cost of living
my thoughts are worth more than a P2016enny.
Then if you factor in my age and life experience
the value of my thoughts goes up considerably.


People should offer at least one hundred
P2016ennies for my thoughts.
I’d say more than a dollar but I am a
thoughtful thought-filled person, not a greedy one.

That’s my post for the letter

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12 thoughts on “P = penny…

  1. No one has said this to me in a while, either. I guess no one wants to know my thoughts. Probably safer that way. 🙂

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Your thoughts are definitely worth a dollar, I like the way you think, and we almost always see things in a similar manner! Wouldn’t it be nice if people offered a dollar when we said something that was good? I’m not sure I would be wealthy, but I would at least have enough for a cup of tea, and maybe a new book or some flowers. 🙂
    Josie Two Shoes
    from Josie’s Journal

  3. No one has said that to me since I was a little kid. I guess I don’t look like I’m thinking most of the time .Sometimes people will ask me why I am angry because they think I look like I’m angry and I tell them that I’m not angry, I’m just thinking. Still no offer of a penny or anything else.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. You must be a hard thinker, Arlee. Maybe people think your thoughts would be too wonderful for a penny and don’t want to insult you.

  4. You certainly are a thoughtful, thought-filled person, my friend. Your thoughts are well worth a dollar, at the very least! But, I hope you will just keeping trading thoughts with me as we always have. I appreciate our exchanges very much. To me, they are invaluable. Hugs.

    1. Heart conversations are always free. It’s the nitty-picky stuff that costs. I am happy that we have found each other out there in cyberspace of blogdom. I am soooo far behind in reading and commenting…over a week behind! Hope to get caught up by Friday.

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