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Q = quiet…


Have you known people who are so wound up,
busy and noisy that you just want to shout

I have known people like that and know some now.
They drive me crazy.
They always have to be doing something, always have
someone with them and they are always talking.
I want to tell them to stop, be still, shut up
and hear what can be heard only in
the silence of solitude.

I feel  a bit sorry for them.
How can you know yourself if you can’t be alone
and  Q2016uiet enough to listen to your heartbeat?
If you don’t know yourself  how can you know someone else?
If you haven’t heard your own heartbeat how can you
know the beat of others?


I try to understand people who don’t like Q2016uiet
but I really don’t get them.
Of course, they don’t get me either.

That’s my post for the letter

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19 thoughts on “Q = quiet…

  1. We both chose “quiet” as our Q word today, and that doesn’t surprise me one bit! I know the people you are talking about, I have worked with them, and I encounter them in restaurants at nearby tables – people who are so in love with the sound of their own voice that they monopolize all conversations and take up all the airspace!! I like to talk, I like to listen to others talk, but I also really, really like to listen to the silence sometimes, I can’t hear myself think in all that commotion! I can’t feel peaceful either, I tend to get agitated if I have to be around noisemakers for very long. This was a great Q post! 🙂

  2. While I would enjoy conversations with my husband and children most all day long, otherwise I need quiet. I can’t stand a non-stop television or radio or anything like that. I crave quiet, but true interaction with someone, not just noise for the sake of noise. I can’t put thoughts together if there is too much going on around me.

    1. I am not much for tv or radio but we do need meaningful connections with others. I just don’t need a lot of interaction and carefully protect my quiet times.

  3. I read an article recently (don’t have a link, sorry) that made the case that people need at least some quiet every day. I wonder about the people who can’t deal with things being quiet for more than a short period.For me, it’s like coming up for air.

    1. When I get home from work or after being out and about I don’t turn the radio or tv on, I just sit quietly for awhile.It is like breathing fresh air after being in noise smog.

  4. Great post! I’ve known people like that too. Afraid to be alone with themselves, maybe?

    1. Hmmm. Maybe you should find something to talk about. But if you have been married a while whatever you are or are not doing is working ok.

  5. This is a good message, Patricia. I believe people, like you are describing, are afraid of being alone. They don’t want to hear their own thoughts.

  6. I don’t know what everyone needs, but I need quiet, quiet times everyday. I can only tolerate the sound of TV for so long and I have to silence it or find a quiet place. Im wired that way, can’t change it, and wouldn’t want to. Great post, Patricia.

    1. Studies show that everyone needs a bit of quiet in their day. Hard to convince some peeps of it, though. Is it difficult to find a quiet spot in your traveling home?

  7. I need moments of quiet. I need to hear the small things like my inner voice, a cat’s purr, my husband quietly playing his acoustic guitar…the things that get lost in the busy day.

  8. Love this one. Best read ever. I will look at the letter “Q” in a whole different way from now on, with a giggle. We must have the same friend..lol

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