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R = rubberneck…


Have you ever been accused of being a R2016ubberneck?

I have.
By my father when I was a kid.
He made it sound like it was an awful thing,
something to be embarrassed about
if you are caught doing it.

Well, I looked it up in the dictionary.
It’s not so awful.
To R2016ubberneck
is to look about or stare inquisitively with great curiosity.
That’s not so bad.
R2016ubberneck also refers to tourists and sightseers.
Not a bad thing.
Then there is the definition;
R2016 ubberneckers are people who stare and gawk,
like spectators in a courtroom or at an accident.
That’s understandable but not nice.
And  R2016ubberneckers stare or gape,
especially in a naive or foolish manner.
I don’t like that at all.
But some days there is nothing else
to do so R2016ubbernecking happens.

Or you see something that is interesting,
curious, odd and you can’t help but
stare, gape, gawk,

That’s my post for the letter

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9 thoughts on “R = rubberneck…

  1. Such a great word! I remember people who listened in to other people’s conversations on the multi-party line of old phone systems being referred to as rubberneckers. And yet I recall that the people who said that sometimes indulged in a bit of “accidental” listening too. 😉

  2. I’m sure we have all done some of that rubbernecking! Many times it ties of traffic for miles when folks want to get a look at an accident.

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