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T = temper tantrum…


Have you ever had temper T2016antrums?

I have.
I had the terrible toddler T2016antrums.
I really don’t remember the toddler T2016antrums
but I have heard stories.
I did learn my lesson and became
a sweet tempered little girl.

As a teen I had the occasional temper flare
and the usual teen temper T2016antrums
but nothing awful.
Then I hit my terrible twenties.
I know most people have terrible twos
but I often do things differently.
The terrible twenties temper T2016antrums
were to put it politely, epic.
Those episodes I remember.

Now I rarely lose my temper and never have T2016antrums.
Partly because I am older and wiser and have mellowed
but mostly because I don’t have the energy it takes
to have an all out temper T2016antrum and I think
if you are going to have a T2016antrum make
it memorable for everyone.

That’s my post for the letter

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5 thoughts on “T = temper tantrum…

  1. Nope. I am not a temper tantrum -type. I have seen enough of it and do not like it. I detest when it is directed at me. I shut down.
    Good post, though!

  2. I’m told I had tantrums as a child but rather than screaming, I would hold my breath. My mother’s remedy was to throw water on me making me breathe, and forcing me to change clothes. Broke me of that habit.

  3. I am like you when it comes to temper tantrums. I could stomp my feet with the best of them when I was little, especially if I was frustrated or tired. Come to think of it, that might be what instigated most of my adult temper tantrums too. Like you, I have lost the interest and energy in throwing a good fit anymore, unless it’s for a very, very good cause. 🙂

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