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V = verbs…


Have you thought about what V2016erbs describe you?

I have.
Here are the V2016erbs that describe me and those that don’t.
Walk or stroll not run or hurry.
Think and ponder not argue and debate.
Daydream or meditate not purpose or intent.
Determined not disorganized.
Celebrate and gather not big events or parties.
Laugh not guffaw.
Read and watch not play and frolic.
There you are my yes and no V2016erbs.


I guess I am more cerebral than physical.
But I don’t think I am dull or boring.
The V2016erbs that describe me are quiet words
and a quiet woman is who I am.

That’s my post for the letter

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11 thoughts on “V = verbs…

  1. Oh, I love this! What a beautiful post. I don’t know the verbs that describe me but you can bet I’m going to give it a lot of thought. 🙂 You really do like words, don’t you?

    1. Yep. I am logophile. From the Greek “logos” meaning, speech, word, reason and “philos” meaning, dear, friendly. The thing I don’t like is grammar. Too many rules!

  2. This was fun and interesting to read, now we know a little more about you, but I think it fits very well with the image your portray in your blogging. I don’t see you as dull at all. Introspective, mellow, thoughtful, and with a delightful sense of playful humor. I don’t LOL either, I smile, I chuckle, and only Papa Bear’s antics can really get me laughing in a vocal sense. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Franci. My best friend is always busy and her mind in a whirl of thoughts. She helps me to get moving and I help her slow down.

  3. Dream, plan, create…cry, sing, hide. Those are verbs for me. I do a lot more thinking about doing than I do actually doing. I hope that makes sense. It does in my head, not so much maybe on the screen. 🙂

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Patricia, I think we are very similar in many ways. I am not a daydreamer,though. My mind is always going, though. My purpose is usually involved in writing or critters. I know some who think out loud,often ending up in debate or arguing. I shut down. Hug…there is a verb for me!

    1. I like your verb! ((((Annie)))) I am a big time daydreamer! I have to be careful that I don’t lose a whole day sitting in my chair looking out the window and daydreaming. Pretty much when someone starts to argue I shut up or leave. Not worth the energy. How about this it is still “V” day and I am responding to comment and not days behind.

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