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W = walks and wafflestompers…


Have you ever taken a W2016alk around your neighborhood
and everything seemed new to you?

I have.
Just recently I was W2016alking through my neighborhood
and everything seemed different somehow.
I have lived in this neighborhood for thirty-five years
but it all looked different and new.

Maybe because we have had some rain, cool nights
and warm days that everything looked so full and lush.
The lawns were beautiful thick  green carpets.
Spring flowering trees in full bloom
and flowers everywhere.
Even the houses and apartments look fresh.
Like someone had come along and spring cleaned them.

The W2016alk that day had a surprise for me on every block.
It was a wonderful experience; one that I have never had before.
I hope I have another such W2016alk someday.

Needless to say, my W2016alks are strolls in a city neighborhood
and I have no need of serious W2016alking shoes.
I am almost certain my feet will never
be shod with W2016afflestompers.

That’s my post for the letter

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11 thoughts on “W = walks and wafflestompers…

  1. Springtime does seem to make everything look brand new and fresh. Glad you enjoyed that experience, Patricia.

  2. I suspect that everything looks nice and new on your lovely walks because you have learned to see things with new eyes each day and appreciate the tiny bits of beauty and the miracles of life! I wish I had your neighborhood to walk in, mine is more of a brown-tones/weeds and wild stuff effect… with the occasional rabbit, roadrunner, quail or snake (eek)!
    Josie Two Shoes
    from Josie’s Journal

    1. I see cats and an occasional dog. Sometimes squirrels. The hawks are getting the squirrels and it makes me sad but it is the way of nature. We don’t have roadrunners and I haven’t seen a snake but know they are around.

  3. It seems, during spring, that walking takes on a whole new feeling. Everything looks fresh and new and makes you more appreciative of your surroundings.

    1. Yes, after the gray and brown of winter, spring puts on a good show. Before you know it it will be too hot to take long walks.

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