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Piano concert…

This week’s Tuesday Chatter


This evening we had a mini piano concert here where I live.
A man who lives here is a wonderful pianist.
He is a professor of music at the university
and he teaches piano.
He also performs with symphony orchestras
in many places throughout the country.
We were so fortunate to have him share his gift with us tonight.

We don’t have a piano but of course, he does.
He played in his apartment and we listened in the halls.
Chairs were set up in the halls of the fourth, fifth and sixth floors.
We have an atrium on the first floor and the stairs are open
with skylight windows on the roof and sound travels nicely.

After the concert, there was a reception in the
Community Room with wine , cheese, fruit, and sweets.
The evening was quite lovely.
Made me think maybe I should have
taken more than four piano lessons.
That’s another post.

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6 thoughts on “Piano concert…

  1. How lovely for him to share that experience with everyone there, I would have enjoyed it so much! I have a piano story too… maybe I will write that one some day, but I’m waiting to give it a better ending. 😉

    1. He is a very shy man and not at all comfortable around people unless he is playing the piano. It is a joy to see him come out of his shell and beam with happiness while he plays. Do write your story however it ends it will be great.

  2. Delightful. I can picture it. ❤
    I am a non-playing member of a music club which meets on a rotating basis every 6 to 7 weeks in someone's home. We have about 55 members. Yearly memberships are $25. Everyone brings food to share which we enjoy after an hour's playing by various members. Worth its weight in gold.

    1. It is quite nice with a good mix of people from students and young professionals to empty nesters and retired folks.

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