17 thoughts on “Nothing…

  1. I agree that sometimes it’s better not to force a post. Creative writing tends to lose the fun and creative part if we push to do it. Often all I need is rest or time to take care of other things first, then my mind will be clear to come up with a fun idea for a write. I am doing the daily “Thought for the Day” posts just to keep me active in sharing thoughts and responding, they are easy and fun and help me stay positive when life dishes out a little too much! 🙂

    1. I am enjoying your Thought for the Day posts. You have a way of saying a lot with a few words. Not many can do that successfully. Staying positive…the key to a good life.

  2. For instance, today I’m running late, as usual and took the word stroll, I left myself hardly any wiggle room, was just going to use very few words start with then slowly expand from there. Seems if I try to start out with to big a picture. Everything goes out of focus and I lose it. I will post it tomorrow, unless it looks really bad. That make any sense? I guess it doesn’t to me either. Thanks anyways

  3. I have many days like this…nothing to say..or I just cannot seem to put things into the right words to share. Sometimes the best thing to do is to sleep on it. ‘Night.

  4. All of our thoughts are always chat worthy, there might be times when they don’t sound right still In the filing cells in the left brain. But finding something for a chat alone is worth writing about. I want to know why I would chat with myself until I get in the right mood to chat with someone else. The word chat is quite remarkable your actually speaking to another person or in my case to you chatting passes the time until something better comes along. I keep waiting for a red hot idea to write about, my concern is now chatting about them first to see if that changes the outcome.

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