9 thoughts on “Inflated storm clouds…

  1. I love storm clouds, our late afternoon/evening sky is really amazing this time of year in West Texas! The clouds roll in, the thunder and lightning put on a show, and with any luck at all they keep moving past us without too much wind or hail. Your photograph is beautiful with the sun setting on the horizon!

    1. I have a great view of the sky from my balcony. I never appreciated the vastness and beauty of the ever-changing vista. Storms are lovely…until they are not.

  2. Yes, that does it too. Billowy clouds. I am very grateful for your entry, Patricia. It’s wonderful to see so many different ways in which bloggers can interpret a theme. Have a good day!

    1. 2015 was the year of the flood here. Some are still recovering. Hope this year the rain stays in the normal range.

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