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Rollin’ on…

Three Line Tales-Week 15
TLT photo prompt by Erol Ahmed


 Okay, you guys, I’ve had it!
You might not mind being sniffed, squeezed and swallowed to death.
But not me, I’m gonna roll outta this crate and live my life
until I shrivel up and die.

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25 thoughts on “Rollin’ on…

  1. You are so very good at doing little pieces like this that flow well, make sense, and are fun!! Who would have thought a lemon had a mind of it’s own? A free-range lemon perhaps? It made me smile! I will have to try this some week soon!

    1. This challenge takes some thought for sure. Sometimes it takes me all day pondering to get something that makes sense. Writing short stories is just the thing for me. I tend to ramble and get confused with longer stuff and edit until there is nothing left worth posting. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement.

    1. Ivy at Uncharted is doing Six Sentence Stories with the same concept – there is a link on my side bar. We’d love to have you join us there!

    2. Thanks, Annie! I had fun with this one. Amazing how much thought goes into three lines to tell a story that makes sense. I miss FSF, too. Like Josie says there is Six Sentence Stories. I’ve done some of those.

  2. Excellent–talking lemons!!! I checked out your “Grace” blog very briefly–will you be continuing with it, I hope? (I can sure relate to the anger issue… I’d be happy to “trade prayers” with you!)

    1. Glad you liked what my lemon had to say. Thanks for visiting here and at Day of Grace. Yes, I will be posting at “Grace” again. The plan was to take a few weeks off but it has been a few months! I will let you know when a new post is there.

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