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Fill-ins and celebrating…

Today I am joining
Friendly Fill-In’s: Week 1

  1. I want to stop staying up way too late and start going to bed at a reasonable hour. But it probably won’t happen.
  2. I haven’t been back to where I grew up since I left thirty-eight years ago.
  3. I believe we all have a purpose for being on this earth and won’t leave it until it is fulfilled.
  4. My earliest memory is before I was three. I was spending the night at my Gramma and Pa’s house and rolled off the bed. I was stuck between the bed and the wall.  The plug of the bedside lamp kept me from falling to the floor.  I was just sort of suspended there. I called for Pa and he came into the room but couldn’t see me.  He turned the light on and whispered, “PJ where are you?”  I said, “I’m here, Pa.” and he said, “Where is here?”  I started to giggle and got my arm up so I could wave at him.  He rescued me, put me back in bed and pushed it against the wall. This is the only memory I have of Pa. He died just after I turned three.
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And I am
Celebrating the Small Things

  • Thankfully, the flare of a chronic health problem is over!  It’s not a terrible health thing it won’t kill me but it is bothersome and inconvenient at best.
  • Work went well all week and I got a lot done in spite of the health thing.
  • Upgraded to Windows 10 with no problem and it seems to be running happily.

All in all, it was a good week and I didn’t complain…too much. 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Fill-ins and celebrating…

  1. What an interesting post all around, Patricia! I love your childhood memory and congrats on the health issue resolving itself. Hope Windows 10 continues to do well for you. I am still debating about the upgrade. Have a great week ahead!

  2. I’m definitely with you on #1 of your fill-ins. I need to do that, too. I really enjoyed the story about your Pa. I’m glad you’re feeling better and that you had a good week. I didn’t have problems with the Windows 10 upgrade either, much to my surprise. Have a great weekend!

    1. I am having some issues with Windows but trying to be patient and find answers. I don’t think Microsoft has the best support system.

  3. Enjoyed reading your answers. Had me remembering and thinking about a few things of my own. Here’s wishing you the best with your health issue! As to Windows 10, I’ve been hesitating to install it, sure it will mess something up again. But it worked, huh?

    1. The windows install seems to have developed some problems. 😦 But I do like the way it looks. Just need to get the kinks out. I’m trying to be patient.

  4. I love your post – it really spoke to me. I also haven’t been back to my hometown in over 30 years, since I have no relatives or friends who live there anymore. It’s probably changed a lot, but I like to remember it the old way. I loved your “Pa” story! I have few memories of my grandfathers, but I have some nice ones. Yay for the end to your health problems, your good work week, and being able to upgrade to Win 10 without problems. I think you’re the only one I know who didn’t. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. I may have spoken too soon about the Windows 10 thing. There are some glitches and I can’t find support. I will give it a few days and if it stays a problem I will uninstall and go back to windows 7.

  5. Great answers, this was an interesting read! We tend to stay up late on Saturday night, and then Sunday I feel a little hung-over and don’t get as much accomplished as I’d like. I need to stop that! Evenings are all we have, but we really need to get a little more sleep than we do. The last time I went home was for my Father’s funeral six years ago, I don’t intend to return there again, no one to visit, only memories remain. I definitely think we all have a purpose to fulfill, unless we chose to live in avoidance. Your memory of slipping beside the bed is priceless, what a lovely keepsake for the heart! ❤

    1. My goal is to be in bed by 11 but it is usually after midnight before the lights are out. I would like to be more of a morning person but doubt that is ever going to happen. If I do have to get up early I am not unpleasant I just like to be quiet and not bothered for awhile which is easy because I live alone and the boys only want to be fed and then left to their morning naps.

  6. What a nice memory of your grandfather. It seems people are by nature night owls or morning folk. Many in my family were night people. I used to think if a person had a day job, that would be the determining factor, but I knew night people that sometimes had day jobs and still went to bed late. Now that I’m retired I still go to bed early and get up early. Maybe it’s just in us to be who we are. I liked your statement that you wanted to stop staying up late, but it probably wouldn’t happen. And I thought, no, probably not. Blessings to you, Patricia…

    1. I have always been a night owl even as a child. It was awful when I was in elementary school. I needed a nap after lunch!

  7. Always enjoy your answers. You have an interesting background and I’ve enjoyed learning about you through these ‘fill-ins.’
    I read–though sporadically,I must read–at least in snippets.
    Glad this had been a good week in spite of your health scare. Wish you all the best. ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thanks, Tess. I don’t know how interesting my background is but it is different. If this was an anonymous blog I would do less editing but as it is editing is my friend. This health thing has been around over forty years…I will die with it but not of it. It’s just a bother and depressing sometimes. Not really big in the scheme of things.

  8. Thanks for participating. I love your answers, especially #3 and I have the same problem as you about staying up to late. I am sorry you lost your Pa so young, but it is good you have at least one memory of him.

    1. I liked the sentences you gave us to complete. I especially liked #4 and writing my memory of Pa and me. See you next week.

  9. I love your answers, “PJ”. I totally get #1. Lately, I have been reading some really good books, and staying up way too late reading them!

    #3 is how I feel, too. That and that karma is part of it.

    #4 made me gasp…and then laugh…what a sweet memory. Precious. I am glad you have that memory of your Pa.

    I am so glad you joined us. We want this to be fun, and meaningful, too. Hugs, my friend.

    1. I am definitely a night owl and when I was younger it was ok but with age it is not so good. At least I only work three days a week! I often wonder what kind of relationship I would have had with Pa had he lived longer. From what family has told me we were great friends and liked being together and made each other giggle.

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