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There’s good and bad…

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”
Henry Ford


In my mind, Henry’s thought isn’t 100% true.
It is true that you won’t build a good reputation
if you don’t do what you plan to do or say you will do.
But you will get a reputation if you do nothing.
It just won’t be a good one.

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15 thoughts on “There’s good and bad…

  1. I suspect that most of us plan to do things that we never get around to, we talk about doing more then we actually do. I have learned to be careful about what I commit myself to, because I know that my time and energy are limited and I don’t want to later regret not following through or being annoyed at myself because I now don’t want to do it! I agree that good reputations are built on keeping our word and following through with our plans and commitments.

    1. I have learned not to say I will do something if I am not sure that I will do it. And I have learned not to always let my plans known. Sometimes (lots of times) I change my mind.

  2. Well, you think like I do. Well said. I knew someone who was very impulsive. She always got sidetracked. Then she would say what she was going to do to fix it, to get on track. She never did, and she lost everything, including friends. No one trusted her. Sad.

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