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This is what Teddy and I do every day.


We have a chat and do the puzzles that are in the paper.
Of course, we scan the news, check out the obituaries and read the comics first.
We do have our priorities.
After that, we do the Crossword Puzzle, Seven Words, Jumble,
Word Search and last, the Celebrity Cipher.
We don’t do Sudoku.  That puzzle has numbers. We don’t like numbers.
The days I work we do the puzzles in the afternoon because
we don’t like to get up any earlier than we have to
and the puzzles do take some time to do them properly.


Jack thinks puzzles are boring and a waste of time.
He does find it necessary to watch and offer the occasional comment.
I listen to him and Teddy ignores him.

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21 thoughts on “Puzzling…

      1. You’re lucky. So many people I know have kitties that are always front and center at computer time.

    1. The crossword puzzles in our local paper are not difficult. I find the Word Search the most difficult. I can usually score an average but have never found the top number of words. Irks me sometimes. I have tried Sudoku a few times but it is too frustrating and life is too short to be frustrated by a bunch of numbers.

  1. I’ve always been an obit checker, too. Sometimes it is the only way that I’ll find out that a loved one has crossed over. I am into family history and genealogy, so it is all a part of the package. I’ve found relatives in the obits that I never even knew that I had.

    I love to do the puzzles in the paper. I even decided to give Sudoku a try, even though I don’t like numbers, either, or anything at all mathy. It is actually fun and not so much like math at all for me. 🙂

    Have a blessed day!

    1. I read them to see if someone I know died but also to read the stories. The lives of people are sometimes interesting, sometimes surprising and usually simply normal.

      1. Some of the obituaries are just like reading a story. Some are just basic, but others go into great detail even including how the person died. I also find the stories of their lives interesting. I find myself thinking of the life stories of those at the graveyards that I visit, too. For some of them, the sadness in their lives is quite evident.

        1. A friend told me once of an obit she read when she lived in New Orleans. There were two for the same man. Seems he had two families and they each put an obituary in the paper with different info. He had two funerals and one burial. I would have like to have gone to both funerals and the burial.

          1. How interesting! I am assuming, then, that both of his families knew of each other? A similar thing happened with one of David’s great-grandfathers. He had two wives and babies by both of them. He married the first one, divorced her and married the second one, then remarried the first one…apparently without divorcing the second one. He was a real character, so I’m told!

            I think it would have been interesting to go to that those funerals, too!

  2. Such a lovely way to spend time together! Puzzles are good brain exercise and they are fun to do. I do like Sudoku, but I like it on my phone or tablet best, because it is easier to erase mistakes that way! 🙂 I also play Words With Friends and Yahtzee on my phone with other players. Papa Bear is more like Jack, not taking much interest but offering the occasional comment or suggestion. 🙂

    1. Teddy expects time with puzzles. He sits by the paper until I get my glasses, pencil and something to drink. He is always close by…Jack not so much.

  3. Grizelda is my thinker. Maggie is puzzled by why we want to do puzzles. Chloe Jo is just puzzling. George is far too busy creating things that puzzle me, and everyone else! Hugs.

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