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Celebrating some help…


Today I am celebrating the wonders of medicine
and those who work in medicine.

It has been quite a week with much to celebrate.

  • I had a bit of a scare with one of my eyes.  Went to the ophthalmologist to have him check it out and he didn’t see anything to be overly concerned about.  I will go back in a few weeks to confirm all is well.
  • My friend who had a second surgery is doing well and his recovery is right on track.
  • My bosses son was attacked and beaten with a baseball bat.  He is home from the hospital .  No brain damage, eyes are good.  He will be fine.

Our bodies are beautiful creations so wonderfully made that with some help
they can withstand little scares, terrible diseases, and vicious assaults.
Amazing Grace!

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14 thoughts on “Celebrating some help…

  1. Oh my. That’s a lot for one week on the health front. Glad to hear your eye is okay, and that your friend made it through well. Our prayers to all of you!

  2. These are all big issues in one week’s time, and like you I am so very grateful that we have access to good medical care when we need it. I am relieved that your eye problem is not serious, that your friend’s surgery went well, and most of all that your boss’s son will recover from his attack. Such a crazy world we live in, violence touches all of us and creates and environment of fear. We will remember Who walks with us and that we never walk alone!

    1. Violence is crazy! My bosses son is a walking miracle. We are praying that he recognizes this and understands things could have been very different.

  3. What a week. I am always so distressed to hear of violence. I am glad your bosses’ son is okay, but…wow. I hope your exam goes well, too. And your friend. Hugs!

  4. That is awful about your boss’s son, I am glad he is OK. I will pray your eyes will be fine, that is scary to have a problem with them.

    1. It was a scary time for my boss and his wife. It is truly amazing their son is okay. Thank you for adding me to your prayers!

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