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Observing kindness…

Kindness Challenge Week 2
Observe Kindness Around You


I cannot count the ways my friends and co-workers show kindness to me. One example is transportation. It is less than fifteen minutes from where I live to where I work. I don’t drive and to get to work by bus would take an hour.  But co-workers and friends are kind and thoughtful giving me rides to and from work. Truly, I cannot put into words my appreciation for this kindness.  My friends also often take me to the grocery though three stores are within walking distance of my apartment.  They take me to the mall or Lowe’s or Target so I don’t have to take the bus or taxi.  When I have a doctor’s appointment if I need a ride someone is always willing to take me.  There is much kindness in my life!

This week I took extra care to see kindnesses of people who serve.  Waitresses and waiters, cashiers and clerks can be less than friendly or inattentive at times but I saw many instances of patience and kindness extended to their customers.  A young cashier at the drugstore was very patient with an older woman who was having a hard time getting her money out of her wallet and then some difficulty counting it out to give to him.  He smiled and talked with her helping her with her purchase efficiently but not hurriedly. And there was the bus driver that helped an elderly man get on and off the bus without being asked and not condescendingly, he wanted to help his rider. Those are just two examples of people taking the time to be kind not because they have to but because they want to.There  are many kindnesses out there that go unnoticed. It is a wonder to see them.

A tip that Niki suggested was to not watch the news for the week. There is not much kindness found there. No problem.  I don’t have TV service.  The only thing I use my TV for is to watch Netflix.  I do sort of read the newspaper. I read the headlines and sometimes scan the article. That’s enough for me then it is on to the comics and puzzles.

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14 thoughts on “Observing kindness…

  1. That’s so wonderful to have such kindness around you! I’ glad you were able to notice kindness between strangers. I love how it makes you feel good even though it doesn’t impact you directly 🙂 Thank you so much for participating! 🙂

  2. It is so sweet of those folks to get you where you need to go! There are angels all around us. 🙂 Our youngest daughter is often the recipient of the kindness of others down at the university where she is. She doesn’t have a car, so often rides the bus or shuttle to the store. One time she didn’t have a friend available to help her get her groceries from the bus stop to her dorm. The bus driver took her on over there and helped her carry in her groceries. I thought that was great!

    I agree with you. It is a wonder to see kindness in action. 🙂

    Have a blessed night!

    1. There are people who like angels. Most bus drivers are thoughtful but your daughter happened upon a truly wonderful one. When I first moved here and was looking for a job bus drivers were so helpful. One even told me not to take a job because it was in an area that was not safe and waiting for a bus in the evening was not a good idea.

      1. I am glad that they were looking out for you! That could have turned out very badly for you if you hadn’t been warned away.

        I’m sorry for the delay in this response. On the morning of May 26, at approximately 8am, my husband had the first of three strokes in a three day period. We were at the hospital from Thursday morning until Monday afternoon.

        Have a blessed weekend!

  3. What a blessing it is to have a friends and coworkers who assist you without being asked and who care enough to take the few extra minutes of time to do this. It is the little ways of caring that matter. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a store clerk, food server, or customer service person being kind and courteous, and I try to always remember to treat our clients at the firm with kindness, patience, and respect. I am like you when it comes to TV, and especially the late evening news… who wants to go to bed with all those horrible images and thoughts in their mind? We know that bad things happen in the world, we don’t need it saturating the peace of our homes and hearts! This was a really nice post!

  4. So happy you are surrounded by kind and supportive friends, neighbors and co-workers. Sometimes we don’t notice how much good there is in our world. ❤ ❤ ❤

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