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All done…

I have had four days off in a row.
This what my to-do list looked like.
I got it all done!

Okay, there was nothing on the list. But I did think about having a list.
Then I thought some more and knew I wouldn’t really do anything
that was on a list and that would bother me.
So, to keep me relaxed, in a good mood and happy
I didn’t make a list.

I did do things.
I took walks, read, played games on my Kindle,
groomed and played with the cats, did blog stuff,
watched movies and Netflix series, ate and took naps.
I was busy!
It was a great four days.

I am joining Eugenia’s Tuesday Chatter today.
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20 thoughts on “All done…

  1. I think you are on to something here, if we don’t make a list then we can’t be unhappy if we ignore it. Maybe it’s just better to make a list of things accomplished as we go along – a success chart instead of a failure. My weekends usually end in defeat, I think I’m going to try this way of approaching it!

    1. My mother used to make a backward Christmas list. She wrote down the gifts after she bought them. Sort of like your idea of having an accomplished list. Who needs a list? The important stuff gets done list or no list.

      1. I think you are right, and maybe we are all too caught up on what gets done or doesn’t anyway, what if we just took life as it comes, and the mystery, experience it was meant to be, instead of trying to structure it and then detesting the confinement of that structure?

        1. Life is something of a mystery and was never meant to be the prison we make of it. We spend so much time getting ready for tomorrow we miss what today has for us. Trying to change that!

  2. That is a great idea- nothing on your to do list 🙂 I am glad you had a nice weekend and spent time with the kitties.

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