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Wonderful, awful, wonderful…

Well, it’s Tuesday Chatter time
and I am going to tell you about I walk I took last week.
It was wonderful then awful then wonderful.

The first wonderful part was the weather was great,
I was up early and eager to get things done.
I thought I would start with a walk to the hair salon
to get my hair cut then to the grocery to get strawberries.
Hair cut, strawberries bought, walking home.

Then the awful.
I tripped on a curb in the parking lot.
Fell down hard!
Bleeding from my nose and head, bruised, dizzy.
Several people helped me up and into a shop.
Someone in the shop called 911.
Ambulance came I went to ER.
Had a CAT scan and x-ray.
Head ok but with a mild concussion, needed stitches.
Hand ok but badly bruised hurt worse than my head.
Four and a half hours later I called a friend to take me home.

The second wonderful is part of the awful.
I was in a public place so there was help right away.
The people who helped me were kind and caring.
A man held a towel to my head to keep the bleeding under control.
I was given towels for my nose.
A woman brought a warm wet towel and washed my hands.
Another woman held my hand until the EMT’s got there.
The ER was busy with more serious injuries than mine
but I was cared for without too much waiting.
My friend was there when I needed him.


Now the concussion is gone, I have stitches and a black eye.
My face is swollen and sort of purple, green and yellow, as is my hand.
Not wonderful but not awful.
Might be wonderful if I looked as good with my black eye as the cat does with his.
Still, blessings more than I can count.

19 thoughts on “Wonderful, awful, wonderful…

  1. Oh, dear, that sounds like a terrible fall, Patricia! I’m glad you were surrounded by helpful, kind people and that you’re feeling a little better now.

  2. Oh No! Falling is my greatest fear, having done that once already! I “liked” this post only because you have such a wonderful attitude about it in retrospect. I’m sure at the time it truly was horrible, and I am so glad that you experienced the kindness of strangers and friends who stepped in to help you. I am so sorry that you got hurt, and I’m sure that it doesn’t feel too great now. The black eye and extra colors will fade, and we will pray you back to feeling great again and ready to face another walk, and enjoy it all the way out and home again! Hugs to you! Personally, I think it would be lovely if we all had markings like cats do, instead of just plain faces and skin, but not if we have to acquire them in this manner. I am thankful that your guardian angels were on duty and that you weren’t hurt worse. XOXO

    1. I am feeling pretty good. A bit sore but stitches were removed today. I now have a scar to give my beauty some character. I never thought about falling but it is on my mind now! It wasn’t a fun experience but I was strangely calm through the whole thing. I think the kindness I was shown helped me weather the storm.Thank you for the prayers. No greater gift can be given than to have my name lifted up to Heaven.

    1. Strawberries were good. Had the stitches removed today. The gash is all closed up with a bit of a scar. Now I just waiting for the rainbow of color to leave my face…and shoulder…and hand.

  3. OMG! You poor thing. I am glad there were caring people around to help you and that you are better. Great take on the black eye and the cat – so your sense of humor is still intact.

      1. Funny how that happens. I slipped down some stairs at a friend’s house holding a china teacup and saucer. Didn’t want to break it, so I break me instead. Teacup and saucer saved. ❤

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