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All is well…

Tonight I have some not so small things to celebrate.


  • Today is the first day without a raging headache because of a concussion.  That is really a big thing because if the headaches didn’t go away this weekend it would have meant another CAT scan to make sure the concussion hadn’t morphed into something more. That one little marble rolling around in my head has had a work out this week.
  • There is only a small scar near my eye and bruises are slowly fading and don’t hurt…well a little but not much.
  • There were wonderful strangers who helped me when I fell and were so kind while I waited for the ambulance making the whole thing a little less scary.
  • I have the best friends and co-workers!

All is well that ends well and my week, after a rough start, has ended splendidly.

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26 thoughts on “All is well…

    1. How about wine? Can’t have it with a concussion and you know how it is when someone tells you not to do something. No headache for two days so I think I’m good.😼

  1. Glad that the head thing is clearing up. Sometimes a head injury can morph into something else. Hope Teddy and Jake have been….ummm….comforting.

    1. Head injuries can be awful. I am very thankful that mine was of the minor variety. Teddy has been his usual sweet self and Jack continues to ignore me.

  2. So sorry to hear about your accident, but thank goodness you know now it has no complications. Coincidentally, I fell down last weekend. Was going too fast & tripped over a throw rug & landed really hard on the ceramic tiles. But only my leg was bruised from ankle to knee and it’s still numb on one side, so there was probably some nerve damage, but like you, I’m super glad it wasn’t worse. I’m mid-fifties and it’s only a matter of time before I hit the break-a-hip stage. Ugh. Here’s hoping we don’t fall down anytime in the near future!

    1. Sorry about your fall. Hope your leg will be OK without any lasting numbness. I am close to the age of broken hips. That is a scary thought!

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