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“Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can be changed until faced.”

James Baldwin


If you were a caterpillar and made your cocoon
in time, you would emerge as a butterfly.
You would never be an eagle or dolphin, a cat or elephant.
No matter how hard you tried to change the fact is,
you will be a butterfly.
Some things can’t be changed.

So it is with people.
You grow in your mother’s womb and in time
you emerge as a little person with DNA that is unique to you.
The color of your skin and eyes, the shape of your hands and feet,
the color and texture of your hair, whether you will be short or tall,
no matter how hard you try the fact is, this is what you will be.
Some things can’t be changed.

You are also born with character and talents and gifts.
What you do with these attributes  determines who you will be.
Weaknesses can be strengthened, talents can be developed, gifts can be shared.
Good or bad, who you are is up to you.
Some things can be changed.

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8 thoughts on “Change…

  1. Well said, my friend. Our control extends only so far. Some things just are what they are. We do well to accept those and be the best that we can.

    1. Acceptance can be a struggle but when we understand it doesn’t mean giving up or failure we can make the best of it, go on and be who we are meant to be. Who we are meant to be isn’t always who we think we should be; we are wisest when we learn to listen for the Spirit’s leading.

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