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Jack here wants to be there…

Lost In Translation’s Thursday’s Special
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Here and There

Here is Jack wanting to be There.
Jack is very interested in what happens on the balcony
two floors down and calls to them until someone responds
with a “Hey there cat!”

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13 thoughts on “Jack here wants to be there…

    1. Jack is not as big as the picture makes him seem. He is about ten pounds which is svelte compared to Teddy’s thirteen pounds.

      1. Our old cat Wide Load weighed over 30 pounds at one time when he lived with my wifes sister and her daughter over in Michigan. After we brought him home with us. I put him on a diet and he lost 10 pounds but that the poor guy died way too young from liver damage. They give them far too many treats whenever he wanted them.

        1. That’s a lot of weight for a cat! Sad that good intentions were bad for his health. I don’t buy treats anymore it’s too hard to ration them out. They do get to lick the ice cream bowl when I am finished. πŸ™‚

    1. The first thing he does when I open the door is to see if the neighbors are out and if there are any pigeons that need shooing.

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