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I can get crazy…

Friendly Fill-Ins
Week 6


  1. The best brand of soda is Coke. I am addicted to it.  My favorite is Vanilla Coke but I only see it once in awhile. When I do I try to stay calm and not over-react like a crazy lady.
  2. I refuse to buy anything except food unless there is a sale or a coupon. I am not a crazy coupon lady, sometimes I just buy something I want when I want it, coupon or no coupon.
  3. I am inspired by nature.  If I am sad, angry or upset about something going for a walk or just sitting outside will get me off the crazy track back to my usual pleasant self. 
  4. Whenever I watched TV, I would become discontented with my life and the things in it…or not in it. It would make me crazy. I think it was the ads with their unrealistic take on life.  I solved that problem by disconnecting the TV cable service.  I also don’t read many magazines because of the ads and the slickness of the articles.
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23 thoughts on “I can get crazy…

  1. I so agree with you about the healing nature of nature, nothing soothes my ruffled feathers like wind in the trees, ocean waves, or stars at night! I agree with you about tv programming too. We were without tv service for the eight days we were on vacation in a little cabin in the mountains and I missed it not one bit. I went without it 2-1/2 years once and didn’t miss it then either. Reading tends to be far more positive and productive, I do not like the way tv news, ads, and programming try to bend our thoughts! Other than food, household supplies, and cat supplies, I buy very little too. I haven’t walked through our local malls in over two years, I rarely do impulse buying. I have enough stuff!!

    1. Without my walks I would be a really crazy lady instead of just a bit ditzy. There is something about nature that can calm me when I am frazzled. One of the benefits of no TV service is no cable or satellite bill. I try to buy only what I need and not everything I want. Usually it works but there are those times when I don’t listen to my better sense.

  2. I am not a soda pop fan, but I did like the Vanilla Coke. I had it once, some time ago. Yum.
    Nature is a wonderful healer, literally and figuratively.
    I enjoyed your answers and appreciate you joining in on Friendly Fill-Ins. Thank you! Hugs!

    1. Thanks for hosting the hop. You guys do come up with some interesting thoughts that take me some time to fill-in the blanks.

  3. I used to be addicted to diet coke. I had to get off of it and I won’t drink any type of soda now. I agree with the rest – TV shows, commercials and mags display an unrealistic view of life. I prefer the internet because I have a choice of what I want to see and read.

      1. I like Dr. Pepper. They have cherry too. Many years ago Dr. Pepper had a chocolate coke. It might sound disgusting but it was very good. When they discontinued I drove to every store to scarf up what was on the shelves. I do like vanilla cokes too. Reminds me of the soda fountains of my youth!

  4. Interesting fill-ins Patricia.I never became hooked on any kind of soft drinks; I, a crazy woman in the grocery store (love sales); I’m inspired by nature too, and haven’t watched TV in about four years. 😎

    1. It is surprising how many of us are TV-less. Maybe we are revolutionaries. I can understand if folks don’t like to read then TV is their entertainment. Although, I think I don’t understand not liking to read. 🙂

  5. The previous comment credited to me was actually from David. Apparently, my WordPress account was still signed in when his comment was made.

    Here is my response to your Friday Fill-Ins:

    I love to go for walks and find nature calming, too. I love to walk around the yard and parks to find flowers and creatures to photograph. There have been times that I have photographed a flower and discovered creature surprises upon uploading the photo to my computer.

    I used to drink Coke, but the summer that I got sick (2010) I could no longer drink it. That summer I was able to end pretty much all soft drink habits, but once I got out of the hospital after surgery toward the end of the year, I picked that bad habit right back up with the Diet Coke. It isn’t so easy now to stop that habit.

    I am glad for us to not have television service anymore. Things have gone way down hill with things they are allowed to broadcast now. Things that would have had a X rating on them when I was a kid seem to be the norm for TV these days. It just isn’t worth watching.

    I tend to agree with you that TV and magazines, and even great sites like Pinterest, can grow discontentment. We see all the things that we don’t have but would like to, or things that we can’t do but want to do, and we become unhappy with where we are at in life. But, these things can also be inspiring. They can inspire us to find ways to overcome our limitations and reach our goals. Have bigger dreams doesn’t always mean that one is unhappy with where they are at. It can be a very fine line between discontentment and dream chasing.

    I enjoyed your answers. Have a blessed day!

    1. There have been times when I have had to give up the Cokes for awhile but as soon as I could I went back to guzzling. There is a fine line between discontent and dream chasing. We need dreams but they need to be our dreams, not the ones advertisers say we should have. When the media determines the value of our dreams there is a problem. We must be careful about who and what influences us. I believe it is more difficult to be a child now then when I was growing up because of the myriad of influences even good ones that are constantly bombarding them with information. Must be hard to find time to think for themselves.

      1. I agree with you. It was much easier when I was a kid, running through the woods, riding my bicycle, having a life outside of the house. There’s too much inside time these days and, really, it isn’t so safe for kids outside anymore. I do think they need to take a break from all of the technology and pick up an old-fashioned book or play a board or card game or draw with actual drawing tools, anything without a screen sometimes. I don’t see how they can think with all of the noise of information overload.

        Have a blessed day!

        1. There does need to be some actual face to face interpersonal interaction among friends. I think it’s sad when I see kids and adults sitting around just playing on gadgets and not looking at or talking with each other. Can’t be healthy.

          1. I agree 100% with you there! For all of the “connecting” being done these days, people have never been more DISconnected than they are now.

  6. Our young Marine loves Vanilla Coke, too. Whenever he’s stateside, he buys it all the time. It is hard for him to find it overseas. You may wish to speak to the manager of your local store and point out that they don’t always carry it and that you’d like for them to. Sometimes this works.

    When it comes to television, we don’t have any television services whatsoever. We try to eliminate as many of the magazines that come into the house and rarely read the ones that do. All of the magazines that come to us are given to us for free. It seems that no one bothers to mention their product in the ads anymore.

    Great answers. Have a great day.

    1. How long have you been TV-less? It’s been nine years for me. I watch movies and Netflix programs but sometimes it is several days before I turn the set on.

      1. We haven’t had anything like cable or satellite TV in quite a few years. We haven’t had regular television in about a year. We sometimes watch movies on Netflix via the computer and most of those are animated movies. But that’s it.

  7. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, i enjoyed your answers. Disconnecting cable is a wise idea, I don’t know if I could manage without it, but I agree TV makes us want for more just like magazines. I love to go to Johnny Rockets and get a vanilla shot in my diet Coke. I haven’t seen vanilla Coke around here- only Cherry- yuck! Have a great weekend.

    1. I thought it would be harder than it was. It’s been nine years without the TV. I do still watch movies and some Netflix programs but days will go by without the TV being turned on. Vanilla Coke is hit or miss. The stores don’t have it all the time. They always have Cherry Coke and like you, I say yuck to that.

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