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Sometimes when things…

In Other Words

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.”

Use the quote or the author as inspiration;
post a story…fiction or non-fiction,
a poem, a commentary, opinion or a picture.
Or use any word from the quote as a starting point.
Just write!
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6 thoughts on “Sometimes when things…

  1. Amen. I have learned this lesson time and time again.

    I just missed the deadline I went to post, and the linky had just closed. I hope to make this one. Thank you, my friend, for last week’s quote!

    1. When you miss a deadline I think you can still post and link without going to the inlinkz page. If you link in your post to mine it may “pingback” to my post. I know it can be done with WP but not sure about Blogger. I know how life can get too busy for fun computer stuff like blogging happens to me all the time.

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