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Just thinking…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 8


  1. I never thought I would miss having the endless energy of youth, but I do.
  2. Every 4th of July, I watch the fireworks and remember how much bigger and exciting they were when I was a kid.
  1. If I knew when I was young what I know now, I would have worked harder and saved more money.
  1. I have trouble understanding the need to be “connected” all the time.



This week I am celebrating that I have four days off.

You would think since I only work part-time that four days off wouldn’t mean much but it does.  I have been working, supporting myself, and on my own for 51 years.  That’s a lot of years!  Extended time off even just four days makes me feel good.  I think I will not have any problem adjusting to “real” retirement when it happens. And that just may be sooner than later.

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26 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. We were definitely on the same train of thought on the first three! When we are young we really don’t understand how much the decisions we make then are going to matter as we get older, but we will do the best we can with what we have now. I waiver on the connected thing. I need my down time without any outside interference and I loathe families that are so tied into their technology that they spend no real time communication with and enjoying each other. At the same time, I would be hard-pressed to give up my smart phone and tablet. The people I value most as sisters/friends are connected to me via the Internet and I would be so lonely without them. I also love the ability to research anything at any moment. That’s amazing! We just need to know that we also have to step away and spend some time doing other things, or nothing at all. Being connected can easily become an addiction that robs us of all the other joys we know in life.

    1. Oh, I wouldn’t want to be without my laptop, tablet, phone. What I don’t understand about being connected is when out to lunch/shopping/visiting with friends and everyone has their phone in their hand and they immediately answer calls or respond to texts. I think it is rude and hurtful. I think there is a time to put away the devices and be attentive to the people you are with. As you said we need to know we have to step away…

  2. Congrats on the 4 days off! I retired early, thinking I had enough in the bank to last many, many years. But in the last 7 yrs since I retired, prices have doubled. That never occurred to me, so now I have to rethink things. I hope you can retire soon and that you have a way to keep pace with rising prices and inflation. (Even if I have to worry about money, I adore the freedom being retired gives me!)

    1. The keeping up with inflation thing is something to consider. I live a very simple life but there is the need to think about the unexpected expenses. No decision will be made for a few months.

  3. I love being retired – celebrated 3 years July 1! I worked 40+ years and have no regrets but when it is time to stop, IT’S TIME. Enough already! I like being connected online but have only a couple of favorites. beBee, LinkedIn and Twitter are my social media favs.

    1. I am looking forward to retirement just not sure when it will be. I don’t do anything but WP. I do have a Blogger blog but haven’t posted on it in a long time. I don’t do any of the Facebook, Twitter stuff. Sometimes I check out Pinterest though.

  4. You will LOVE retirement. I’ve been retired almost 10 years and I highly recommend it.
    About being connected… ugh. I’m going offline this summer beginning on my 5th blogoversary, I think on the 5th of July. ❤ ❤

    1. I think I will love it. I am not going to make a decision until the end of the year or early next year. How long will you be offline? Are you going to travel? I will miss your stories.

      1. No, I’ve no travel plans unless something amazing falls into my lap. Have to keep an eye on the grand kids. They’re at the age when boredom initiates problems. Thanks so much for your kind words. ❤ ❤ ❤ Back in September, I believe.

  5. Suzanne and I have trouble understanding the need to be constantly connected. Often this is at the expense of those in your presence. Once we saw four girls walking into the Walmart together. Each girl was on a cell phone. Why hang out with someone if you would rather be talking to someone else?
    Have a great Independence day.

    1. I don’t get it either. I often see people out for lunch or dinner sitting around a table and everyone is on their phone! Might as well stay home.

    1. There will be lots of fireworks and parties for sure. No party for me but I will see the fireworks from my balcony.

  6. I hope that an early retirement works out for you if that is what you want. That would be great!

    I agree with all of your responses, most especially to #4. There is so much “connection” going on, that people are losing touch with the ones right in the same room with them. It is very sad, actually.

    Have a blessed weekend!

      1. I’m sorry. I must have misread something. Well, here’s hoping you are able to retire when you want to retire, then. 🙂 What is official retirement age now? As I understand it, it depends on what year one is born. I was born in 1965, so it is probably officialy 490 or something forever away.

        1. The official retirement age is determined by the year you were born. For me officialage for full retirement benefits was 66. I was working full time the year you were born. 😼

  7. Thank you for joining in the fill-ins. Great answers, I am with you on #3. I don’t think I ever had a lot of energy, even as a kid. Have a nice 4th!

    1. I always had lots of energy when I was young and I still have energy now just doesn’t last as long and takes longer to recover.

  8. You have every right to celebrate. I hope you treat yourself, too.

    I relate to #1 & #2. Youth allows us to play and see things with an openness that we lose with age.

    Your #3 & #4 shows the wisdom that comes with that age. Working hard and saving is something that we all contemplate and often struggle with.
    I have a hard time with the concept of having to be “connected”, too. Heart strings are enough of a connection for me.

    Thanks for linking up with us! I am glad that you did! Hugs!

    1. I am always telling the “kids” I know that they need to save even if they think they don’t have anything extra to save. It is going to be harder for their generation than mine to retire.
      Oh yes, I am celebrating by doing not much of anything. Never even got dressed today. 🙂

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