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Attitude and perspective…

“Sometimes when things are falling apart,
they may actually be falling into place.”

Often life is difficult, everything seems to be wrong and bad, nothing right.  We ask pasque-flower-1354478_640ourselves why is this happening to me? How could I have prevented this awful thing? There is nothing I can do!  Our attitude is completely negative and we begin to feel sorry for ourselves. We look at life with the perspective of tunnel vision rather than a panoramic view. We wonder why there is no sunshine only clouds.  We feel like troubles are raining down and we fear we will drown.

Perhaps we are meant to see these times not as wrong or bad but as times of change. Yes, change is often difficult and frightening.  Sometimes change seems overwhelming. We may feel incompetent and inadequate, unable to meet life’s challenges. However, if we cancommon-pasque-flower-1347971_640 see these troubles raining down on us not to drown us but to prepare us for the good that is to come then we can overcome the fear and move forward. Forward, out of the dark clouds and rain into the sunshine and blue skies.  Forward, out of fear and doubt into contentment and peace of mind.

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8 thoughts on “Attitude and perspective…

  1. I wish I would have gotten a post done to share for this quote because it really speaks to me and my present situation. I cannot preach the gospel of faith and hope, and then wallow in despair, fear, and self-pity. I believe that God has a plan for me, always has and always will, so I need to start acting on that belief. It’s challenging!

    1. It is a challenge to believe what we believe when our reality seems to negate it. I think it is ok to have a day spent in bed wallowing and crying, it clears the bad stuff out of our heads. Tears have a purpose, they are cleansing and they help us see more clearly. So go ahead and wallow…but just for a day!

    1. Thank you, Francie. I have to watch my attitude carefully or I get to be a Negative Nellie then nobody is happy. I think this is true for many peeps. Yes, it’s a new theme. I tend to get bored and change the theme now and then. I like this one a lot though so maybe I will keep it awhile.

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