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A vision of bubbles…

I was trying to come up with something for
Tuesday Chatter
and had nada so went and sat on the balcony.
Let me tell you 100* is hot!
Because it was so hot I decided to come inside but
before I did I looked out and saw this

I know the pictures aren’t good but those little dots in the trees are
I tried to see where they were coming from but
saw nothing, no bubbles anywhere but floating in the trees.
The vision made me smile and laugh.

Maybe it was just my brain being fried in the heat and I was hallucinating,
but I swear I saw bubbles in the trees.
The pictures prove it.  Right?

Whatever!  It gave me something to chat about.

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5 thoughts on “A vision of bubbles…

  1. How delightful is that! I was thinking about how long it’s been since I saw someone blowing bubbles. That would have made me smile too! Our heat here in West Texas has been so high that I think even the bubbles might be toasted! By the way, I am loving the new look of your blog, especially the comments box, it’s fun! 🙂

    1. When I taught 3 year old kids in a bible class sometimes we would go outside and blow bubbles. I had as much fun as they did. The heat here is awful…over 100* for seven straight days. I try not to complain but this is getting to me.
      I chose the theme partly because of the comment box. I tend to change themes often…maybe I will stick with this one for awhile.

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