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Today and tomorrow…

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


I have never really worried about tomorrow.  Seems to me that today has enough in it to think about without too much thought given to tomorrow. Not that I don’t ever think about tomorrow, of course, I do.  I make plans for tomorrow and the days after I just don’t worry about it.

There are times when worry can creep in but I am good at shooing it away.  I have learned time is too precious and moves too fast for worry. Some people who know me and know that I deal with an anxiety disorder may wonder about those two statements.  But those who know me well will understand. Anxiety is a strange thing and maybe I will write about my battles with it someday but for now, I will just say it has nothing to do with tomorrow.

Really, today is all we have. We can prepare for tomorrow but there is no promise there will be a tomorrow.  Doing your best today is important for this day, today. Tomorrow will just be another today…if there is a tomorrow.

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17 thoughts on “Today and tomorrow…

  1. What is that old saying, “don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow has enough worries of its own.” One day at a time is the best we can do. The only way to go.

  2. I struggle with anxiety periodically. The funny thing is that it started after I retired from a high pressure job. Other than rolling over a to-do list, I can’t worry about tomorrow. Today is enough work.

    1. When I was young, I never thought about there being a time when my tomorrows wouldn’t be endless. Guess that is the way it is with youth. But now I know the tomorrows are fewer and the today’s are to be treasured.

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